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Cheers for the age 22 – WIAW #2

I turned 22 yesterday and quickly updated a new post earlier for my new age. It is hard to remember what I have eaten recently because they are a lot. I had lunch with my host family, then sushi as birthday dinner with my friends and today (friday) my Japanese teacher invited me to her new house so I ended up having lunch with her and other course mates.

Here are some of what I have eaten lately!

Obento – japanese lunch box bought by my host mother
Drink for my birthday party – lemon juice šŸ˜€
Party at the teacher’s house
This salad is made from bitter zucchini
My most favorite dish – kabocha salad. Pumpkin is good with everything actually
Gobo pizza
Breads –Ā the pink oneĀ isĀ mentaikoĀ (cod fish egg)Ā bread
Dessert is peach with roll cakes and japanese sweet
Japanese sweets – they are too beautiful to eat
with teachers and course mates


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