What I ate in Korea – WIAW #3

I made it to Korea for 8 days and ate loads of food I crazily love. Korean food is spicy, rich in flavor and super delicious. The cuisine of this country is largely based on rice, vegetable and meat. They also have abundant side dishes like kimchi, cucumber, sprout or daikon pickles. Interestingly, those side dishes are served for free at any restaurant in Korea, which means you can eat as much as you want without paying money for them. That’s the reason why I ate tons of kimchi which is one of my favorite Korean food. Korean love meat so on the streets are thousands of restaurants serving BBQ. When it comes to street food, they are beyond awesome. There are many kinds of street food ranging from sweet things to savory ones.
I prefer Korean food to Japanese one although I lived in Japan for one year. I found similarities between Korean and Vietnamese cuisine, their flavors, especially spiciness, and even the way we ate. Korea is truly a food paradise for me.

Savory food

A kind of noodle
The whole meal in a food alley in a traditional market – hot noodle with fried tofu, cold spicy noodle called japchae with egg and vegetable pickles
Pancakes – vegetable pancakes and kimchi pancakes
Another type of noodle with CHinese cabbage, seafood and pork – super cheap  4000 won
This is a chiken meal
Pork soup – Busan specialty
Close up to the pork soup’s ingredients – pork, pork blood sausages, rice, and vegetable
A meal with fried fish and vegetable pickles
Cold noodle – naengmyeon

Snack and street food

Gimbap sold on streets
Sundae – pork blood sausage with noodle, the very popular street food. We have this in Vietnam but we stuff all of the blood into the pork intestine instead of noodle
Street food is various ranging from pork organs including sundae, deep fried things to tteokbokki – spicy rice cake and fish cake
sweet tteok (sticky rice)  with different flavors: cinnamon, sesame, green tea, etc.
hot tteok – sweet fried sticky rice with red bean and sunflower seed
another kind of hot tteok with vegetable as filling and ice shaving with red bean paste on top


I couldn’t believe how cheap fruits in Korea are compared to Japan. I bought 4 bunches of grapes with only 3000 won which 1 bunch of grape costs me in Japan. Busan is cheaper than Seoul. I spent 5000 won for a big bag of peaches. It was HEAVENLY AWESOME!
How cheap these lovely fruits are!
Can you believe these giant watermelons are only 2000 won/ one?

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2 thoughts on “What I ate in Korea – WIAW #3

  1. Totally agree. that's why i love korean food. they are just super duper delicious. and you can even eat seafood alive, especially in fish markets or restaurants close to the sea. I'm so happy that I made it to that lovely country!


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