I fell in love with life again

I went on an adventure right away when the summer holiday started (Just so you know, I work at an international school where we have different breaks throughout the year and summer break is among those). Like previous trips, I put no hope on what I would experience or see this time because nothing will… Continue reading I fell in love with life again

An unsent letter

Dear the person that I have been destined to meet, Since the day I got to know you, I have had a gut feeling that it was gonna be an adventure. It was just very unexpectable, not in the way I expected it to be. Perhaps that is life because "whatever it is you are… Continue reading An unsent letter

Viva Indonesia: Companions – Kintamani, Bali

Only one “hello” can bring solo travellers great companions and even friendships. Since my first solo trip in Japan, I have fortunately met numerous people who offer great companies and friendships. Some of them have stayed dear friends ever since. This one more time occurred to me in Bali. I chanced upon Lorella at a… Continue reading Viva Indonesia: Companions – Kintamani, Bali

Love Is Still The Answer

The biggest lesson I have learnt this year is Love. Love is everything. Love is joy, love is sharing, love is laughter. Love is tears. Love is pain. No matter what you name it, it is love. There are always two contradictory feelings in love. Sometimes in love you feel lots of pain and you… Continue reading Love Is Still The Answer

Chance encounters

I don't understand why people keep on wasting time hurting one another while some don't even have enough time to live and love. Another thing I have heard quite often recently is something better awaits you and you shouldn’t be worried too much when things didn’t work out in the way you expected. It sounds reasonable… Continue reading Chance encounters

A beautiful way to cherish nature

Several months ago during a school trip that I was involved, students were asked to create art from natural things. They collected dry leaves, stones, straws or fallen petals to create pictures that reflected their impression about the trip. Those things then were put together without using any glue since they were given back to… Continue reading A beautiful way to cherish nature

Non-profit project brings travellers to Taiwanese classrooms

With butterflies in my stomach, I followed Taiwanese teachers to their classrooms where dozens of curious yet excited faces were waiting for me. I then delivered my presentation about Vietnam and myself with unexpectedly great support and engagement of local students and teachers. It is the project “Couchsurfers in Class”, which allowed me to visit… Continue reading Non-profit project brings travellers to Taiwanese classrooms

More than just a teaching assistant

Never in my life have I been active as much as I did during the past month. Simply my job requires so. I also realise my role is not just a teaching assistant (TA). A few days ago, I read a story on The Guardian telling a class teacher upset with his TA. According to… Continue reading More than just a teaching assistant