Ohanami – お花見 (Flower viewing) in Kurume

Hello July! Hello Summer! July came! It means Summer has come. And I'm in the last month of the age 21 and also the last month (1 month and a half actually) of mine in Japan.  As you can see, my time in Japan is running out as fast as the rocket speed, which urges me… Continue reading Ohanami – お花見 (Flower viewing) in Kurume

May throwback

Hi all, long time no blog. It seems I was lazy updating my blog. It's not because I neglect it, just because I was tied up with some stuff here like mid term exam, presentation or things like that. And you know I didn't move a lot in the last month so nothing much to… Continue reading May throwback

The first solo travel (Part 3): Nara – Kobe

              NARA I made it to Nara at midday and spent several hours walking around Nara Park and checking out some spots here. Like Kyoto, Nara used to be the capital city of Japan and is visited by many people. It is famous for Todai-ji Temple where is house of a giant Buddha – Daibutsu… Continue reading The first solo travel (Part 3): Nara – Kobe