Unexpected adventure in Bach Ma National Park

Being big on nature, I always look out for nice treks in the wild whenever I travel. Returning to Huế for the second time, I had a gut feeling about where I would be going, but was still amazed by the natural gems awaiting in Bạch Mã National Park. Located in a mountainous area on the border between the former North… Continue reading Unexpected adventure in Bach Ma National Park

Khmer Pagodas in Soc Trang Province


Wherever there are Khmer people, there are pagodas. Sóc Trăng Province in the Mekong Delta of Việt Nam is such localities, home to 99 Khmer pagodas with different sizes and splendid architectural styles. I was fortunate to be accompanied by my local host, Thảo, who has a strong interest in the culture, to do a… Continue reading Khmer Pagodas in Soc Trang Province

Rice is twice as nice in a cake

Phan Thị Kim Ngân has been working diligently for more than 40 years to preserve the tradition of making southern rice cakes. It was early afternoon when many people take a nap but in the rustic homes of Phan Thị Kim Ngân in Sơn Islet (Cần Thơ City) the place was abuzz with activity. There… Continue reading Rice is twice as nice in a cake

Go off the beaten track in pristine Dak Lak

On the bus No.15 heading to Đôn Village from Buôn Mê Thuột City, I accidentally spotted Yok Đôn National Park. The sign pricked my curiosity and sense of adventure. I told my mum, who was my travel mate: “We’ve got to check this place out”. After visiting Đôn Village, we headed back to the national… Continue reading Go off the beaten track in pristine Dak Lak

How Da Lat and Dak Lak treated a vegan tummy?

Before my trip to the Central Highland I had received some recommendations of my friends about what to eat in Da Lat and Buon Me Thuot. “You should to eat this and that. They are just tasty and hearty.” I was very thankful to them but the food is not just for me because I… Continue reading How Da Lat and Dak Lak treated a vegan tummy?

Getting active in Da Lat

Many people have fallen in love with Da Lat because of its mesmerising beauty. It has even been chosen as a destination for honeymoon or wedding anniversary by numerous couples. However, this hill town bestows a plethora of surprise that intrigues adventurers. One of popular activities to discover Da Lat is cycling. No, I am… Continue reading Getting active in Da Lat

Ha Giang – Rocks, Mountains and Motor ride

I had never seen as many of rocks and mountains as I did during my recent trip to the Vietnamese northernmost province of Ha Giang. The 1000 meter above sea level locality, located a stone’s throw away from China’s Yunnan province, boasts countless massive limestone rocks, hanging valleys, rice terraces climbing to the clouds and… Continue reading Ha Giang – Rocks, Mountains and Motor ride

Cao Bang Trip: Pac Bo Historical Site

Not only is Cao Bang famous for stunning landscapes like Ban Gioc Waterfall and Nguom Ngao Cave, it is also known for a long history associating with Vietnam’s revolutionaries and nationalists. One of the most well-known historical sites in the locality is Pac Bo in Truong Ha Commune, Ha Quang District, right on Vietnam’s northeastern… Continue reading Cao Bang Trip: Pac Bo Historical Site

Cao Bang Trip: Imposing Ban Gioc Waterfall

The Vietnamese northern province of Cao Bang was always mysterious to me. My dream of exploring this place turned into reality since I did a weekend trip to Cao Bang in October, visiting a couple of places, including Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao Cave and Pac Bo historical site. Cao Bang is about 285 km… Continue reading Cao Bang Trip: Imposing Ban Gioc Waterfall