More than just a teaching assistant

Never in my life have I been active as much as I did during the past month. Simply my job requires so. I also realise my role is not just a teaching assistant (TA). A few days ago, I read a story on The Guardian telling a class teacher upset with his TA. According to… Continue reading More than just a teaching assistant


Unexpected Myanmar: What and where to eat as an herbivore

Since I decided to turn vegetarian, my travels have become more challenging yet exciting, and my Burma adventure is not an exception. I had no clue what Myanmar food looks like and tastes like before going, yet been event told that it would be pricey to have vegetarian meals there. However, Myanmar turns out not… Continue reading Unexpected Myanmar: What and where to eat as an herbivore

My good and not-so-good experiences in Kuala Lumpur

I wasn’t sure what to expect on my less-than-24-hour stopover in Kuala Lumpur where I visited after Melaka. I eventually experienced more than I had expected, both good and not-so-good things.   The not-so-good  Rather steep price Obviously, KL is more expensive than other cities in Malaysia because it’s a capital city. My money was… Continue reading My good and not-so-good experiences in Kuala Lumpur

In Melaka memories recalled

Dutch square

“Welcome to Hoi An”, Eugene greeted me when we met in Melaka. He was a local I contacted on Couchsurfing. “What? Hoi An? Was he mistaken? This is Melaka”, I though myself whiling saying hello to him. Melaka was the first city I visited in Malaysia. It was pretty small, which was my first impression… Continue reading In Melaka memories recalled

My favourite things to do in Penang

“Boy on a Bike” Mural

Everyone told me that I needed to check Penang out when I said I would be travelling to Malaysia. To be honest, not until I hit the place, did I understand why they said so. I was so in love with everything in Penang, from heritage houses, lovely street art to cheap and tasty street… Continue reading My favourite things to do in Penang

Getting nature in Singapore

Singapore was always at the bottom of my travel list as its dense urbanisation is far from my liking. Additionally, it doesn’t appear to be great for budget travellers because of its steep cost of things. The main reason for me to do a trip to Singapore was to see my friends. However, the country… Continue reading Getting nature in Singapore