Love Is Still The Answer

The biggest lesson I have learnt this year is Love. Love is everything. Love is joy, love is sharing, love is laughter. Love is tears. Love is pain. No matter what you name it, it is love. There are always two contradictory feelings in love. Sometimes in love you feel lots of pain and you… Continue reading Love Is Still The Answer

Chance encounters

I don't understand why people keep on wasting time hurting one another while some don't even have enough time to live and love. Another thing I have heard quite often recently is something better awaits you and you shouldn’t be worried too much when things didn’t work out in the way you expected. It sounds reasonable… Continue reading Chance encounters

Khmer Pagodas in Sóc Trăng Province


Wherever there are Khmer people, there are pagodas. Sóc Trăng Province in the Mekong Delta of Việt Nam is such localities, home to 99 Khmer pagodas with different sizes and splendid architectural styles. I was fortunate to be accompanied by my local host, Thảo, who has a strong interest in the culture, to do a… Continue reading Khmer Pagodas in Sóc Trăng Province

Rice is twice as nice in a cake

Phan Thị Kim Ngân has been working diligently for more than 40 years to preserve the tradition of making southern rice cakes. It was early afternoon when many people take a nap but in the rustic homes of Phan Thị Kim Ngân in Sơn Islet (Cần Thơ City) the place was abuzz with activity. There… Continue reading Rice is twice as nice in a cake

A bit of Taiwan’s hiking trails

I was probably the youngest on the bus. Around me were local seniors in their late 50s and above. But we all headed to one place: mountains. Taiwan might be thought as a country filled mostly with electronic factories, but in fact, as much as 70% of the island’s landmass is occupied by mountains and… Continue reading A bit of Taiwan’s hiking trails

A hidden gem in Alishan

After a short ride offered by a local, we stood in front of an open ground, feeling a bit puzzled. “Are you sure this is the place? Does it exist?”, asked my friend. “I am clueless but Google said yes. Let’s go to the back”, I said. We went to the backyard, still looking. Then,… Continue reading A hidden gem in Alishan